Crypto | Seb

I do techy things.

I just left an extensive career in Early Learning and Childcare to persue tech full time. Here's a more in-depth look at the tech side of this journey.

Privacy & Security Work

Started learning about privacy and security online in the middle of 2012 and was really drawn to it. This learning evolved exponentially, and in 2016 I wrote a 58-page paper involving privacy, security, and anonymity. It was downloaded over 3000 times before I moved it to GitHub and the project became stale. More recently, I wrote a paper for my group of Child Passenger Safety Technicians after one of our members got hit with a Sim Jacking Attack. You can read that here.

Systems Administration

Around the same time that I wrote the Crypto | Paper, I started learning server administration and uploaded a new version of my portfolio onto a VPS running Debian. I now know my way around Debian, but do admit to having to Google and fiddle when big issues arise. I can set up a web server running NGINX and MySQL with solid TLS/SSL cert deployment fairly quickly now. I'd like to learn more about SQL Databases, and continue learning about Docker so that EasyEngine isn't such a pain to navigate.

Website Design

My journey into website design started with webs dot com (I know, I know), branched off into Adobe Muse (I KNOW, I KNOW), and has finally landed on WordPress with front-end builders. Because I was so passionate about my work in childcare, I didn't really focus on this aspect of my tech hobby. However, that has changed recently and I have some awesome projects on the books. Here's 3 websites I have built from the ground up:

Digital Management

I enjoy "doing it all" when it comes to working for a company digitally. I like designing their website, and challenging myself to get them ranked high on Google, and setting up Search Console, and Analytics, and their email, and helping run their Facebook/Google accounts, and creating flyers/brochures in Photoshop, and just generally driving their business up from a digital stance. This is what I have done for both All Out Drilling and Summit Meats and it has been great going from not knowing really anything, to figuring it all out so that they can hold a successful online position in their respective industries. I'm still learning, but I'm committed to my work.