Privacy Policy of Sorts


I don't have any intention at all of tracking users who visit this website. It's basically just a shit little personal website of mine with next to no significance apart from /paper.html


That being said, Blake and I decided that we wanted to track how many people were actually visiting the page for our Crypto | Paper so I installed Piwik. I have it set up to only record the first two bytes of your IP address so it will show as but have also enabled the iFrame widget below so you can opt out completely.


Always open to suggestions so if you see something you think is invasive or risky to either your security or the security of my server and the future people using it, please give me a shout. 98% of the issues arising will likely be from my lack of knowledge and NOT from me wanted to be an invasive dick. Simply put: I don't give a single f**k who you are or where you are from aha.



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